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  • WE’RE LEARNERS: People attracted to professional development and/ or technical assistance are highly motivated learners (we can even be a little obsessed at times!).

  • WE CONNECT THE UNCONNECTED: There exist a large number of “under the radar” local leaders in the service-learning field that provide training and T.A. They sometimes possess fewer opportunities to network meaningfully and broadly with others in the field but have a great deal of expertise to share.. At the local level, these people are “connectors” that influence the work of many others. The Providers’ Network offers an opportunity to grow the visible leadership base for the field.

  • WE’RE COMMITTED TO REAL CHANGE: Given access to new colleagues, resource materials, and opportunities to share our expertise, we can all increase our impact and grow our leadership.

  • WE LEARN IN PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES: In studying teachers in a major national study, Stanford’s McLaughlin and Talbert (2001) found three types of teacher responses to today’s youth:

    Group 1: Lowered standards because they did not think the students were as capable.

    Group 2: Taught as they always taught and blamed the students if they didn’t succeed.

    Group 3: Knew students could excel but teachers would have to constantly find innovative ways to better fit the curriculum to the students.

    The big difference? The first two groups located failure in the students, while the third group thought the problem was in designing the right learning experiences for the right students. The researchers found that EVERY teacher in Group 3 was part of some type of professional learning community. In other words, nobody created innovative curriculum approaches alone! It is probable that we as staff developers also need some form of professional learning communities to do our best work.

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