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Membership is free and open to anyone with a commitment to improving their own service-learning professional development practice and that of the wider field.

When you join the Providers Network, you can create new opportunities to:

Gain access to a growing library of service-learning professional development tools.
Participate in a global network of colleagues that provide professional development and technical assistance. Access the membership directory to connect to colleagues by geographical region, target audience, or issue.
Share professional development lessons, handouts, presentations, reflections, and other resources with the network.
Meet other members face-to-face in annual Providers' Network affinity group meetings at the National Service-Learning Conference.
Let people know about open professional developing events/trainings that you are offering (including workshops at the National Service-Learning Conference).
Help raise the quality and consistency of service-learning professional development and technical assistance from the school house to neighborhood organizations.

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Join an Advisory Group for the Service-Learning Professional Development Guidelines

The National Youth Leadership Council and RMC Research are coordinating an effort to develop Standards for Pre-K-12 Service-Learning Practice. The Providersí Network is starting a complementary project to map the guidelines for how professional developers prepare practitioners to use those Standards.

The Service-Learning Professional Development Guidelines will be divided into three sections (similar to the model adopted by the National Staff Development Council). Each section will possess a lead editor and a separate volunteer advisory board. The three sections and editors are:

Core Question
1. Professional Development EnvironmentHow do we create an environment (policies, cultures, and relationships) that supports professional development for excellent service-learning practice?Terry Pickeral, National Center for Learning and Citizenship, Education Commission of the States
2. Professional Development ProcessHow do we design, deliver, and evaluate effective service-learning professional development that fosters practice excellence?James and Pamela Toole, Compass Institute and the University of Minnesota
3. Professional Development ContentWhat do K-16 educators and youth workers need to know and be able to do to deliver excellent service learning practice?Shelley Billig, RMC Research Denver

ADVISORY BOARD: There will be a separate volunteer advisory board for each of the three sections. Advisory Board members will be emailed drafts of the guidelines and asked to offer feedback at critical junctures in their development. All participants will be recognized when the final drafts are completed.

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