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How the Network Works

  • YOUR OWN HOME PAGE: When you register, you automatically create a “home page” where you can share your background information, your professional activities, your passions, your contact information, and even your reflections on the work if you like..

  • PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ACCESS: 1). Members can search for and find others based on name, geography, or interests (or any combination of those three); 2). Non-network members can search for consultants to fit a particular need (but they can only search profiles of people that choose to make their profiles public to anyone). You can control that by checking the appropriate box when you register.

  • A PUBLIC LIBRARY FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IDEAS: Members possess the opportunity, if they choose, to serve the wider field of service-learning professional development by placing lessons, handouts, presentations, bibliographies, or links to online video and podcasts that they have created.

  • CONVERSATION: There will be multiple opportunities for members to converse with each other through the site.

  • FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS: The Providere’ Network will create opportunities for members to meet one another, most especially at the National Service-Learning Conference.

  • COLLABORATION: The network will offer opportunities for members to collaborate with each other on field-building tasks to raise the level of service-learning professional development.

  • SELF-ORGANIZATION: Members themselves can use the online network to create ways to connect and collaborate on their own.

  • FIND A CONSULTANT: People inside and outside of the Providers’ Network can search through the interest groups to identify possible consultants to help their organization’s efforts.

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