Laura Eppinger, Ripon, Wisconsin

Organization(s): Ripon College Community Engagement
Position(s): Service-Learning Coordinator; AmeriCorps*VISTA
Work Setting: Higher Education
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What I Do
  • Workshops/ Presentations
  • Current Projects

    Interest Groups
    After-School Programs, Alternative Schools, Career/ Vocational Education, Children and Youth Literature, Civics-Based Service-Learning, Community-Based Organizations, Dropout Prevention, Environment/ Sustainability, Interfaith Service-Learning, Intergenerational Service-Learning, Leadership Development, Literacy, Peer Helping, Research, Rural Service-Learning, Small Schools, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, Sustaining the Service Leader, University/ Colleges

    Where I Work

    Who I Work With
    K-8, Middle and High School, K-12, Higher Education, AmeriCorps, Community-Based Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations

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    Current Projects
    Bonner Orientation (training)
    Description: Date: 8/18/01-8/23/08
    # of students attending: 30
    # of faculty attending: 1

    Introductions (training) and Overview of the OCE (training)
    Description: Date: 8/31/08
    # of students attending: 29

    How to Make Community-Based Learning Agreements (training) and Logistics, hour logs, and reporting (
    Description: Date: 9/7/08
    # of students attending: 27

    Presentation by Senior Interns (training)
    Description: Date: 9/14/08
    # of students attending: 22

    Seeing Yourself in Others (reflection) and Volunteer Recruitment (training)
    Description: Date: 9/21/08
    # of students attending: 25

    Outreach Presentation (training), Bonner Web-Based Reporting System (training), and Asset Mapping (t
    Description: Date: 9/28/08
    # of students attending: 22

    Winter Retreat (training) and Shack-A-Thon (reflection)
    Description: Date: 11/21/08
    # of students attending: 18
    # of faculty attending: 1

    End of Semester Training and Brainstorming for Next Semester (training)
    Description: Date: 11/16/08
    # of students attending: 17
    # of faculty attending: 1

    : Spider Web Group Activity, Recognizing Connections through the OCE (reflection and training)
    Description: Date: 10/26/08
    # of students attending: 14

    What Gets in the Way of Change? (reflection)
    Description: Date: 10/12/08
    # of students attending: 18

    Time Management (training) and Event Planning Part I (training)
    Description: Date: 10/5/08
    # of students attending: 19

    Fall Retreat (training and reflection)
    Description: Date: 10/3/08-10/4/08
    # of students attending: 23
    # of faculty attending: 2

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