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Advisory Board

Jeffrey Anderson
College of Education,
Seattle University

Shelley Billig
RMC Research, Denver

Teri Dary
Education Consultant for Service-Learning
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

DD Gass
Program Director, Camp Fire USA
Kansas City, MO

Barbara Holland
National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

Kim Huseman
Service-Learning Coordinator
Quest High School, Texas

Cathy Berger Kaye
CBK Associates
Los Angeles

Abby Kiesa
Youth Coordinator
CIRCLE (Center for Information on Civic Learning and Engagement)
University of Maryland

Scott Richardson
K-12 Program Coordinator
Learn and Serve America
Corporation for National and Community Service

Fran Rudolf
Executive Director
Kids Consortium, Maine

Cyndy Scherer
Service-Learning Consultant

Ana Soler
Program Director
Frontrange Earthforce, Denver

Bill Sommers
Program Manager
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, Texas

Marilyn Walster
Service-Learning Consultant

Wokie Weah
National Youth Leadership Council, Minnesota

Jeanine Yard
AmeriCorps Program Officer
Michigan Community Service Commission

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